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Buy Direct From The Diver and Save!!
Saltwater Aquarium Marine Fish

We offer a few Marine Fish. The advantage of buying marine fish from Reeftopia is the 35 plus years of collecting and shipping reef fish. Most of our reef fish that we offer are net caught from Florida Keys waters. We sell a limited variety in order to maintain exceptional quality. All of the Marine Fish and Invertebrates that we offer are  species that we consider to be among the most sustainable.

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Royal Gramma - Gramma loreta

Price: $9.95


Chalk Bass 


Price:  $15.00

These are Reef Safe

Origin - Florida Keys, USA


Eyelash Blenny
This is our favorite Blenny by far. A great personality. They feed readily, are incredibly hardy and get along in an aquarium about the same as they do in the wild.  And...  they are always happy to see you.

Price: $18.00  

Origin - Florida Keys, USA



Neon Gobi, Medium



Price: $12.50

Origin - Florida Keys, USA


Pygmy Angel, Small


Price: 17.00



Black Cap Basslet


Price: 28.00 Each




Origin - Florida Keys, USA



Cuban Hogfish - Bodianus pulchellus

Approx 4 inch  

Price: 70.00 Each



Probably not considered to be reef safe in some situations.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA


Sunshine Fish  Chromis insolata

Very Hardy. Reef Safe.

Price: $9.00 Each or 4 @ 8.00 Each 

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Purple Reef Fish



Price: $9.00

Origin - Florida Keys, USA






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