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Reeftopia .com is your diver direct source for Reef Aquarium items such as Turbo Snails, Cerith Snails, Peppermint Shrimp, Fighting Conch, Serpent Stars, Blue Leg Hermit Crabs, Scarlet Reef Hermits, Emerald Crabs, Gorgonians, and more for the Marine Aquarium.  Reeftopia is your one stop source for Marine Invertebrates and Reef Safe Fish for your Reef Aquarium. Our Florida Keys location allows us to ship the freshest items via Federal Express. Buying Diver direct allows you to purchase items for your Reef Aquarium that we collect locally and absolutely guarantee. Please note... Everything that we offer are items that I see as being absolutely sustainable. If a particular item does not appear on the site it is likely due to the fact that we do not consider it to be a sustainable choice or that we do not feel that it is a good choice for a Reef Tank such as pistol Shrimp, various aggressive Hermits, certain Fish etc.

    Please click on categories to the left to order individual items and specials on-line or call:1-800-282-2026 For information: call 305-745-2629 or contact us via e-mail. Free Shipping & Box on all orders of over $139.00.  

Free stuff...   Order $150 or more any day this week and receive your choice of a green Flower Anemone or 6  Peppermint Shrimp.  Please use to the comments section that will appear at the end of the checkout process to request your delivery day and free items FREE Shipping & Box on all orders of $139 or more!  $0.00 Surcharge - We Accept Visa, MC,  Discover and AMEX. Orders of $200 get a 10% discount!! 

Whats New....  Lot Prices on Peppermint Shrimp are back!!

Total Reef Care Special  #1  

100 Turbo Snail [astrae], 36 Cerith Snail, 3 Emerald Crab and 75 Small Blueleg Hermits with 48 Transitional shells and 12 Nerite Snails.   Free Shipping & Box via FedEx Priority Overnight. You may purchase additional items along with this special and get free shipping & box for those items as well.  Only $139.00       ** A Great Value 

Total Reef Care Special #2     

75 Turbo Snail [astrae], 35 Cerith Snail, 6 Emerald Crabs, 75 Small Blueleg Hermits and 20 Nerite (tesselatta) Snails.  Free Shipping & Box via Standard Priority Overnight. You may purchase additional items along with this special and get free shipping & box for those items as well.  Only $149.00   Best Value....

Price: $149.00




Sand Sifting Fighting Conch, Small - 2 Inches. Aka Tiger Conch

Price: $12.00 Each

Great Sand-Sifter.   Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Perfect Size this week...

Sea Cucumber Holathuria floridana

Guaranteed to be yellow in coloration -

Price: $9.95




Origin - Florida     Keys, USA

Peppermint Shrimp, Medium
Well known for the control of the Aiptasia Anemone. Guaranteed Florida Keys variety!!


Price: $4.00 Each or 6 @ 3.50 Each




Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Check out our Lot Prices for more deals on Peppermint Shrimp.

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