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Saltwater Aquarium Marine Plants

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Halimeda Algae
Free standing Halimeda Algae. 2  inches tall. Need about 1 inch substrate to make these work. Works well in a Refugium

Price: $12.00 For 3 Plants


These are the nicest that we have seen for quite a while. 


Shaving Brush Plants
Free standing plants.. 3 to 4 inches tall. Need about 1.5 inch substrate to make them work.

Price: $12.00 For 3 Plants




Caulerpa Racemosa, (starter) Per 4 inch bag.

NOTE: We can not ship this item to the state of California where it is considered to be an invasive species..

Price: 12.00 per 4 inch clump.


Note...Some types of Caulerpa can cause damage to marine environments.  When disposing of Caulerpa it is a good idea to freeze and place in the trash. Never use a storm drain to dispose of any foreign or invasive species.

Chaeto Algae

Price: 15.00 Per 1 pint container.



1 clump (pint or so) per 6 inch bag

Does really well in a reef tank.


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