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FREE SHIPPING & BOX on orders over $99.00 is Back!!


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Gorgonians and Invertebrates

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Purple Sea Blades

These can be placed anywhere within a reef.  These do very well and look great under led lighting.


Price: $16.00  





Origin - Florida, USA

Red Tree Sponge

Our Red Tree Sponges are 4" to 8" tall and have a minimum of 3 branches.


Price: $16.00

These are a low to Medium light item. Origin - Florida Keys, USA



Red Zooanthids Sponge


These are running as nice as we have ever seen. Very Hardy.

Price: $29.00



Origin - Florida Keys, USA


Corky Finger Gorgonian, Med



Price: 18.00



Overhead view of Corky Finger Gorgonian Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Yellow Gorgonian

Very similar to Red Gorgonian



Price: $14.00 Each


 Moderate light.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

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