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Anemones For Your Reef Aquarium

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Basic Green Ricordea

Price: $28.00 per 4


Most Sustainable, Most Hardy

Very nice color this week.  These are collected in shallow water and can handle a lot of light.

Ultra Green Flower Anemone.

Price: $16.00  Each





6 Basic Green Ricordea



Price: $36.00 {6}


Green Ricordea - Basic Green - Does very well on sand substrate.

This is a shallow water Ricordea that does really well. in sand, are collected on flat areas as opposed to reefs and will do well within the substrate of a reef. Most hardy, most sustainable.


6 Pack Super Ultra Rock Anemones

Price: $199.00 Per 6

 Order  another item and get the discount!
















An incredible array of Colors.  Six substantially different variations. You will be amazed.

Origin - Florida     Keys, USA

Cinnamon Palythoa Polyps (4)

Price: $25.00 Each


Origin - Florida,      USA

4 to Quarter sized Palythoa's for a total of $25

Very hardy.



Ricordia, Orange



Price:  $18.00  per single polyp (limit 4)




Origin - Haiti













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