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FREE SHIPPING & BOX on orders over $99.00 is Back!!


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Anemones and Ricordea For Your Reef Aquarium

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Basic Green Ricordea

Price: $28.00 per 4


Most Sustainable, Most Hardy

Very nice color this week.  These are collected in shallow water and can handle a lot of light.

Ultra Green Flower Anemone.

Price: $16.00  Each




These fade out a bit during the summer months. 


6 Basic Green Ricordea



Price: $36.00 {6}


Green Ricordea - Basic Green - Does very well on sand substrate.

This is a shallow water Ricordea that does really well. in sand, are collected on flat areas as opposed to reefs and will do well within the substrate of a reef. Most hardy, most sustainable.



Cinnamon Palythoa

Very Nice Size and Color -  


Price: $18.00 Per 3 Polyps




Sold as single polyps.  These will readily attach to a variety of substrate.


Single Blue Ricordea.  -


Price: $12.95 Each


Green Ricordea - Basic Green - Does very well on sand substrate.   These are variable in color.  (different shades of green).  They are collected from shallow water and can tolerate more light than some of the other varieties. I feel that this is by far the most sustainable type of Ricordea that we collect. 






Price: $7.95 Each

Orange Ricordea




Price: $12.95 Each








































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